bnbwithme Dashboard

bnbwithme Dashboard is a way to synchronize all your airbnb and vrbo listings for easy cleaner ma...

bnbwithme Calendar

A simple cron script to synchronize ical links from the database to the reservations table using ...

Portfolio Site
Ruby on Rails

This portfolio site was built over a 2 week period. This project includes a fully fledged blog sy...

NHL Visualizer

A webapp created for a class project to analyze team strength with concepts learned in linear alg...

CahasEDI Dashboard
Ruby on Rails (In-Progress)

Frontend for CahasEDI

CahasEDI Core
Python (In-Progress)

An EDI parser, validator, and partnership management backend that is designed to manage retail pa...


Tealight is a simple python script that takes in temperature using restful api and then maps that...